The most wonderful kingdom of mesmerizing and beautiful areas with exotic wildlife – Thailand is the place to be on the off chance that you want to remember your vacations. To help you to out, here are the best 10 best cities for tourists in Thailand. Give it a read and make your experience in Thailand worth thinking back forever:


Known about Thailand, however never knew about Bangkok? That is impossible. From elaborately crafted heritage to Buddhist Temples and gourmet meal– this is certainly the place to be if you ever visit Thailand. The hotels, restaurant, dance evenings/nights and nightclubs are the world-known features of the city.


With antiquated temples as old as 300 years and popular bars and restaurants, the city is loaded with adventures. It is best known for the spas and massages famous around the globe.


Patong is the center point of gathering creatures. The golden beach is loaded with dance club bars and discos alongside jet skiing, sunbathing, parasailing and kayaking. A day under sun and umbrella will never be a loss in your outing to Thailand.


Pattaya has a huge number of visitors every year because of its Gulf coast centric location. A long way from the hustle bustle of pollution and traffic, the beach bars and Jomtein Beach are certainly justified regardless of your visit.


This is the place for individuals who love privacy and loneliness. Quieter than the other seaside destinations, it is a family situated place and an ideal breather from all your excitement of the visit.


Krabi is the heart of Thailand. With limestone cliffs, beautiful greenery, Andaman Sea and Tiger Cave, it is the best fascination of the area passing by a similar name. The decades old Buddhist places of worship are yet utilized by the local monks for prayers. The riverside pier is the connection to every underwater sport and fun one could anticipate from the nation.


Bophut is a beach town with popular villas and inns. It has sandy beach and reasonable sp services with conventional shops to keep an eye out for.


It is the off-the-beaten zone of Phuket that is dedicated to Muay Thai martial arts students and seekers. From learner to world champions, the training hubs show all level of the broadly recognized fighting arts. Moreover, there is additionally a Phuket Seashell museum, where you will find the delicate specimens of the ocean life from around the globe.


Chaweng is your exact meaning of gathering by night and heaven by day. Be it night owls or early people, the city is crowded with both. If you are into privacy and peace, head towards North Chaweng and Chaweng Noi. What's more, if you are into celebrating throughout the night in discos and love fireworks, then stay in Central Chaweng.


Your hideaway from the throughout the night party, it gives small-town vibes. Consistent with the Thai essence, it has been transformed into a royal resort with time. Go with your family and companions to enjoy some serene and peaceful side from the ever-booming party life of the country.